While the adoption process within the US sometimes seems like an exercise in futility, especially for those parents-to-be who have very specific needs, a viable option is to adopt internationally. Keep in mind during the frustrating wait that the US completes approximately 20,000 international adoptions per year. The United States government’s website provides a list of countries that participate in the international adoption procedures set forth by the “Hague Convention.” Currently, it should be noted that Haiti is a non-Convention country. There are some subtle differences in adoption paperwork and disclosure between convention and non-convention countries, with the assumption that there is a higher degree of protection both for the child and the adoptive parents who deal with Hague Convention countries for their international adoption.

International Adoption
Once you have chosen the country of your future child’s origin, the wait begins. During this trying time, you may need to travel to that country to meet with adoption officials, the US consulate office, church or adoption agency and, in some cases, you may actually get to meet the expectant mother and/or orphaned child well in advance of the international adoption. Meeting the orphan who will become your own adopted child is a very emotional experience. On the one hand, you have the extraordinary opportunity of seeing your future son or daughter. Yet on the other, you must face the difficulty of leaving the child in his/her country while the bureaucracy continues!

If you have received a child through an international adoption, please join our Community Forum and share your journey with us. We want to hear about any support you received from your agency, any advice you have received from other adoptive moms and especially any information, support and advice you can offer to our Mom at Last readers.


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