Most of us have several reasons to adopt a child and it benefits the child as well as the family. So it’s a win-win situation here. However, many of us step into this emotional and legal journey without being ready for it and face my surprises along the way – some pleasant and some not-so-pleasant. So before you begin it’s time to revamp your complete thought process and do a reality check to see if you’re willing to take on the joys and challenges that adoption brings.

Adoption Are you Ready For It

Natural birth allows parents to prepare themselves well before the bundle of joy arrives but it’s slightly different with adoption as the waiting period varies for different couples. The waiting period here is the time after the submission of documents till you welcome the child into your home. The waiting period for an average Indian adoption is between 3 months to 1 year and possibly longer for an international adoption. So are you prepared to wait patiently and prepare a loving, secure home for the child? In an Indian adoption the waiting does not end after the child comes home. There is plenty of paperwork, court hearings and signing of deed and arrival of the birth certificate and all this happens after the arrival of the child. So, if you think adoption will be over sooner than you thought, you may well be surprised.

There are plenty of reasons to adopt and the most common ones are infertility and a strong desire to provide a loving home to an orphan/abandoned child. How many couples have asked themselves this question – shall we give up the idea of having biological children and just adopt as there are so many of them who need a loving home? A small percentage of them do think this way and that speaks much about the character and thought process of couples who wish to give up their natural drive to bear children and draw focus on the less-privileged lot. A noble thought indeed! In the corner of your head, do you prefer to have adopted children over biological children? When you plan to start a family will adoption be your first option or last resort when all fertility treatments have failed?

There is a special bond between a mother and child and that start from conception. Carrying a little bundle inside you creates a loving connection much before the bundle decides to pop out. With adopted children, adoptive mothers miss out the first 9 months of bonding and possibly a few months or years after that. So there is more time needed to build a bond and that is done slowly. Initially feeling of compassion and joy will slowly turn into a strong love, commitment and a sense of responsibility to raise the child. So are you willing to give it all it takes to strengthen the bond and be there for your child?

Adoption is a wonderful journey and all it takes is a compassion, sacrifice, love and lots of patience to enjoy the ride with your child. Think about the above questions and you may well realise if you’re ready for adoption or not.

By Renita Magdalene

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