We all know how tedious and long is the process of legal child adoption. From the legal consultation to the search for the child, the paperworks to the legal application, and to finally arriving at the moment when you can carry the child you can call your own, you will have so many reasons to have an adoption celebration and to be happy.

Adoption Celebration

Why Adoption Calls for an Adoption Celebration

After about almost a year from the day you succeeded on embracing parenthood through legal adoption, you realized how quickly time flies. And before you know it, you are getting ready to plan and prepare for the many grand celebrations of your life as adoptive parents. Each occasion can be very demanding, especially if you had to do all the hard work. But surprisingly, the planning and preparation will be enjoyable, exciting and rewarding.

But why do you have to celebrate? Because just like life, adoption is a gift you need to thank for. Celebration did not end at the welcome party and baptism of your adopted child, those were just the first few of the many special moments to mark. Then again, you have to know what these occasions are to prepare and plan it ahead, and make sure that you would to be there. Now, here is my short list of those significant junctures to remember.

Birthday. This special day will also remind you of the tedious journey you’ve gone through to reach this far. Because life is in itself a big occasion to celebrate, this day will give meaning to your adopted child’s life. It will serve as a reminder for the child as he grows up that he is alive, loved and blessed, just like you were blessed with the joy of parenthood.

First Communion. An occasion that will teach your adopted child the value of Christianity and the meaning of what it is to be a Christian, the first communion will remind the child of Christ’s great sacrifice for the sake of humanity. By celebrating this special occasion, you will instill in the child’s heart and spirit desirable spiritual values he will live by.

First Tooth Fairy Visit. Taking your adopted child to the dentist could be a difficult challenge. Most children are afraid of dentists. With you on his side, he would feel comfortable and strong to deal with the tooth fairy. A successful visit to the dentist calls for a simple celebration, too. It is as memorable as the first birthday.

First Day of School. Certainly, you want the best for your adopted child. Education should be in your priority list when it comes to securing your child’s future. Your presence on your child’s first day of school is very important. It would make him feel empowered and inspired. And whether he would survive the day well or bad, you need to celebrate it.

First Recital. Boost your child’s confidence and inspire him to deliver his piece successfully by being there on the big event. A successful recital, whether it is on poetry or music, deserves a celebration. It will encourage your child to do good on the next activities, whether you will be there or not.

First football tryout, first significant excursion, first challenging contest, first special party, and many others, not necessarily the “first times”, deserve celebration. Celebrations are one way of forging strong bond with your adopted child. And it will also help avoid negative thoughts about adoption.

Always remember that rearing an adopted child is no different from raising and nurturing a birth child and there will be the similar challenges along the way. Your presence in every important moment of your adopted child is the best way to show your unconditional love.

Why adoption calls for a celebration? Because it is a special present from God and more than that, it is a great and wonderful occasion.

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  1. This week we celebrate that our son is officially ours by the court of law…and we couldn’t be happier!! Oct. 10th is our date, and we will celebrate that day always as our “Gotcha Day” were we became a family united by adoption!

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