This story upsets me so much…As an adoptive Mom I could never even imagine…It looks like these people are only in for themselves. I hope it is thrown out of court and how sad that one day their son will read this.

Just horrible.

A Brooklyn couple filed a $5 million lawsuit against its attorneys for failing to warn them about their adopted baby's serious medical conditions, the New York Post reported Monday.

Lynell and Victor Jeffrey were suing adoption lawyers Aaron Britvan and Alyssa Seiden after spending thousands of dollars on medical treatment for their son Ellington, who was born with severe neurological deficits, according to the lawsuit . The Jeffreys adopted Ellington in August 2006 from his birth mother in Indiana.

A CAT scan taken at the Long Island Jewish Medical Center three months after the baby was brought home informed the couple of the his problems.

"Ellington is a wonderful little boy, but this has been hard," said Lynell Jeffrey.

Had his problems been disclosed to the Jeffreys prior to finalizing the adoption, they would not have completed the process, the lawsuit said.

The Jeffrey's said they suffered emotionally and financially and wanted the money to pay for Ellington's future medical expenses.


Couple Files Lawsuit After Adopting Baby — 2 Comments

  1. First I don’t think we should be casting judgment. Second, we need the facts. Did the hospital, doctors, adoption workers or lawyers in fact mislead this couple? Anytime someone adopts a child, they proceed based on the facts they have at the time. If someone knew of this issue and didn’t share it with the parents, then they are liable. However, if this was not something that was known, the parents have full responsibility. It’s hard to believe that a child could have severe issues – we’re not talking mild or moderate – and no one would have known. I would be angry and heartbroken if I felt someone deliberately misled me – after all of the time, emotional and physical energy and financial commitment just to adopt a child, then to find out that someone misled you about the child’s health. According to this story, we have very little information on which to judge. Maybe this couple spent every last cent they had to adopt and this has now put them into dire financial straits where they are struggling to even take care of the child’s medical needs. I find it very suspicious that a child could have severe neurological deficits and no one saw any signs or knew anything.

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