LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – In our THV Extra, there is a new twist to our “A Place to Call Homeadoption series.
Adoption Story
For many months now, through our partnership with the Arkansas Department of Human Services, we’ve been featuring Arkansas foster children up for adoption.

THV’s Dawn Scott is featuring prominent Arkansans, who don’t necessarily talk about it, but who, themselves, have been adopted.

And this week, she begins with Arkansas’ First Lady, Ginger Beebe.

Mrs. Beebe works tirelessly for women and children in Arkansas, evident in her devotion to many causes in our state, including domestic violence, literacy, and good mental and physical health.

Turns out, her passion comes from her own trying circumstances as a child. She reveals she was given up for adoption at the age of four.

These days Ginger Beebe is used to the spotlight.
Nearly everywhere she goes, her every move is recorded. Her photo is snapped at each appearance, where she leaves her unique mark.

Her husband, Mike Beebe, is the 45th governor of Arkansas, which of course means Ginger’s life is a part of our state’s history
But it was a very different start for Ginger Beebe. Born September 3, 1949, her early personal history book is nearly empty….Continue Reading

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