Thee was a great article in Korean Herald that discussed Korea adoption. Here is an excerpt.

Since 1953, almost 200,000 Korean children have been sent overseas for adoption, while 75,000 children have been placed domestically.

In 1988, the media named the nation as the world’s “No. 1 child-exporting country,” with some criticizing adoption homes, accusing them of “selling kids abroad.”

Cho Byung-kuk is a doctor who has taken care of more than 60,000 adoptees as the only pediatrician at HOLT Children’s Services Inc. since the 1970s. A 77-year-old grandma, Cho still works with kids with disabilities ― mostly mental disabilities, epilepsy and cerebral palsy ― though she is long past retirement age.

With sadness, she revealed her thoughts on the then stigma of adoption at the time.

“I was furious, I wanted to tell the world that the children are not products, that they have the right to lead a happier life and that no one should take away those rights from them,” she said.

Nevertheless, research indicates that many people continue to have a negative view of adoption.

The most recent survey on attitudes by the Evan Donaldson Institute in New York had the following results: One-third of respondents thought adoptees were less-well adjusted, more prone to medical problems, and predisposed to drug and alcohol problems.
Additionally, 40 to 45 percent thought adoptees were more likely to have behavior problems and cause trouble at school.

On the other hand, the same study indicated adoptive parents were viewed favorably, with nearly 90 percent of those surveyed describing them as lucky, advantaged, and unselfish.

“Exactly, how else should I explain, then, the adopted kids coming back to adopt children themselves again, and coming back to find their biological parents to thank them for their second life?

 Those children now as grown ups come back to Korea with their successful careers, and to see that, there is nothing more rewarding then that,” said Cho.


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