Early on in our marriage my wife and I often talked about how many kids we would have. They would grow up close in age so they could play together and eventually be great friends. We never imagined that years later we would wonder if we were ever going to have a family.

After dealing with infertility for many years we started looking at adoption. We had a lot of questions: How does the adoption process work? What is the cost? How long will we wait to bring a baby home? Where do we start? Calling adoption professionals really helped us find answers. Early in the process we decided we wanted a newborn, which meant domestic adoption was for us. It was difficult accepting our infertility, but we both knew that we really just wanted to be parents. I remember praying to God that he would make me a daddy however He decided it would happen.

In 2006 we completed our home study with a local agency and contracted with Lifetime Adoption Center – who conducts a nationwide search for a birthmother. We finished our profile (dear birthmother letter with pictures) and we were ready to be matched.

The wait was very discouraging at times and we worried about everything. We thought our profile didn’t look good enough – or maybe we said the wrong things in our ‘dear birthmother’ letter. Lifetime assured us that we were OK – it would just take time for the right birthmother to choose us, and they were right.

Ironically, it took 9 months until our daughter was placed with us. In March 2007 we got “the call”. I nearly drove off the road when our adoption coordinator told me a birthmother wanted to match with us – and she was due in a week! The next day we spoke with her and we were matched! It was a whirlwind week as we made plans to go to Nevada for the birth. All of that waiting and suddenly everything was happening really fast! I was really excited because our birthmother wanted us there at the birth and for me to cut the umbilical cord – how cool would that be?

We arrived at the hospital 4 hours after our daughter was born because she came a couple of days early. It was awkward meeting our birthmother for the first time. We immediately hugged her like she was family. I was able to hold the baby first – it was a little weird, yet so awesome to hold my girl. Not exactly the way I pictured it would happen, but I was so happy to be cradling the little angel in my arms. We named her Arianna with the help of our birthmother.

The day we left the hospital was the most difficult day. We had such mixed emotions – so happy to see our dreams coming true, yet so sad for our birthmother. We were all in tears as we hugged goodbye. We reassured her that we would take great care of Arianna and send pictures and letters every month for the first year, and more after that if she wished.

We had to stay in Nevada for 12 days for the ICPC (Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children) paperwork to be completed. When we made it home, some of our family met us at the airport – it was so much fun! We were finally home, starting our new life as a family. After 13 years of marriage and struggling along the way, our dream had come true.

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I’m an adoptive daddy of a little girl. I have been married to my beautiful wife for 17 years. We’ve dealt with a lot of adversity – especially as we have tried to start and grow our family. We are currently waiting to adopt a newborn through domestic adoption. My website: http://www.InfantAdoptionGuide.com was started to share my experience, resources, and inspiration for those who want to adopt.


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