Behind every adoption is a unique and special story. And while you’ll certainly want to keep some parts of your adoption journey private, your family and close friends will want to be kept informed of as much of the process as you’re willing to share. Luckily, there are plenty of resources available to help you document your journey to parenthood and share it with your loved ones.

Adoption Journey

First, decide how much you’re willing to share about your decision to adopt. People will likely have questions about things you might find too personal to share, such as your fertility or the reason you’ve chosen to adopt from a specific country over others. You may be completely comfortable sharing all of that information, or you may decide to keep most of it to yourself. It’s your choice, and there is nothing wrong with setting comfortable boundaries.

Next, create a blog or make a Facebook page where you can share details of the adoption process. This will give your family and friends a spot to go for updates as well as give you a space to document your story. From a “FAQ” page to pictures you take as you visit your child’s native country, having a website where you can document your process is a great way to keep family members in the loop. You can refer anyone to your blog or page who has questions and you can re-visit it over the years if you’d like to remember the journey.

In addition to being an ideal way to document your adoption journey, having a blog is a great way to keep your extended family updated on your child’s growth. You can continue to post long after you’ve brought your little one home, posting pictures and sharing milestones. You may even choose to make your blog public by sharing through social media and forums, posting tips and anecdotes for other hopeful adoptive parents.

When your adoption is finalized, you’ve reached one of the most fun parts of the sharing of your journey: adoption announcements! From postcard-sized announcements to tri-fold cards, there are many ways you can announce your new arrival to the world. For some creative adoption announcement ideas with wording samples, check out this article.

Another great option for announcing your adoption, especially if you choose not to create a website, is to send printed adoption announcements with lots of photos. Multifold cards or booklets cards are perfect for cramming full of pictures of your new arrival and stories of the adoption process, your loved ones will be able to receive all the information they’ll need at once as well as have a precious keepsake to save.

Despite informing your relatives through word of mouth that you’ve planned an adoption and blogging every step, there will most likely be some people who don’t hear your big news until your child is home. Make sure to make your adoption announcements as specific as possible to inform these people and consider including a link to your blog in case they get curious. This site provides a wide variety of adoption announcement wording samples that will help inspire you.

However you choose to share your journey, rest assured that you’ll receive just as much support as you will comments and questions. Enjoy the process, knowing the end result will be worth the wait.

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