In On It: What Adoptive Parents Would Like You To Know About Adoption. A Guide for Relatives and Friends

It’s an experience common to many adoptive parents: soon after beginning the adoption process, we discover that not only do we have a lot to learn about adoption, so do many of the important people around us and our families. Parents, siblings, and close friends — people who love us and care about our families — also need (and deserve) information and preparation for adoption.

Other people – not just adoptive parents — should have a chance to ask questions and to have their concerns and fears about adoption addressed. Other people deserve to feel prepared when they get questions and comments about adoption themselves. Other people are going to love our children and want to be able to advocate for them and for adoption. Other people want to know how to best support us during the adoption process and throughout our lives as adoptive families.

In On It Adoption Guide
Author and adoptive mother Elisabeth O’Toole found she had both a responsibility and a desire to include other people in adoption – to bring the people around her and her family “in on it.” Her book, In On It: What Adoptive Parents Would Like You To Know About Adoption. A Guide for Relatives and Friends, is a tool to help other adoptive parents do so, too.

In On It is the adoption book for our children’s grandparents, aunts and uncles; our close friends and colleagues; our children’s caregivers and teachers. Frank and friendly, its chapters cover topics like how someone makes decision to adopt; the adoption process; issues around privacy; adoption loss; guidelines for talking about adoption; and the unique aspects of transracial, open, and older child adoptions. Both a warm welcome and a helpful guide, In On It offers readers useful information and important insights into adoption, as well as practical advice for how relatives and friends can best help and support an adoptive family.

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Elisabeth O’Toole is a mother of three children through adoption and a frequent writer and speaker on adoption topics. Her new book In On It was recently named one of the top adoption books of the year by Adoptive Families Magazine. Elisabeth resides with her family in St. Paul.

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