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While there are many women who are fortunate to become mothers easily and naturally, there are many women who are struggling and can only hope for a chance at motherhood. Their efforts may entail anxiety, discomfort, and stress. They need to know that one day all they have endured… the paperwork, the injections, the waiting, and the expense will all be worthwhile.

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As with most things in life, those who have true appreciation are those who have struggled to attain their dreams. I consider myself blessed and fortunate (and hopefully a better mother) for all I have endured on my journey. My journey included IVF, pregnancy, pregnancy loss and finally adoption.

I offer my journey as an example of success and hope. My husband and I are the proud parents of two of the most perfect and precious boys adopted from Russia. Our story, as many other Russian adoption stories, involves hardship but has a fairytale ending.

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