Four Things to Consider Before You File for Adoption

Adoption is a life-changing decision, especially for couples who are becoming parents for the first time. You will be asked many questions when you file for adoption, so it’s important to consider the decision carefully before you turn in your application. You may want to contact a Utah criminal lawyer before making the decision to adopt a baby who isn’t born yet, as the rights of birth mothers vs. adoptive parents can be confusing. Here are a few more things to think about before you take this big step.

Preparing for Adoption


Most adoptive parents have expectations about what their child we be like. Children who have been given up for adoption may have a harder time giving and receiving love than children who are raised by their biological parents. You may expect the child to be thankful that you rescued them from an abusive situation, but they are more likely to feel hurt and confused because the only family they know has been torn apart. Welcoming these children into your home may be difficult at first, but it is also very rewarding as you see them grow to trust you and feel safe and comforted in your home.


It seems crass to consider your finances when thinking about raising a child, but you should consider all the costs of adoption before finalizing your paperwork. International adoption often requires you to travel outside the country at least once, which can be costly. Even domestic adoption is often more costly than prospective parents anticipate. Some expenses may be reimbursed by the federal or state government, while others must be covered completely out-of-pocket.

A Pregnant Mother’s Choice

Many adoptive parents would love to become the parents of a child as soon as they are born, but remember that the birth mother can change her mind even after the baby is born. A great law team like the one at Schmidt & Gladstone Law Firm has experience with infant adoption. They can help you sort out your rights and make sure you’ve done everything you need to do to finalize your baby’s adoption as soon as possible after birth. The lawyers will help you understand the laws of the state that you’re adopting in as well as the state you’re adopting from.

Your Emotional State

Bringing a new child into your home is a very emotional experience, whether you give birth to the child or adopt. Make sure you have healed from past hurts such as the death of your previous child before considering adoption. The child you adopt cannot replace the child or children you have lost. They will be a different child who will bring a unique personality to your family. Consider pre-adoption counseling to ensure that you’re mentally and emotionally prepared to care for the child you adopt.

Written by Rose M; Guest Blogger for Mom at Last

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