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For the past 2 weeks, the IRS has been scrutinized and investigated, due to the targeting of left and right wing political 501(c)3 organizations, and now we are finding out that the IRS was targeting the tax filings of those who claimed the Adoption Tax Credit during the 2012 Tax Season.

adoption tax credit and IRSThe IRS’s Taxpayer Advocate Service has come out and said that almost 90% of families who claimed the adoption tax credit during the 2012 tax season had their returns flagged for review and that 70% of those that were flagged had a partial or full audit of their tax return, even though the audits did not result in any changes made to the tax returns.

In addition, The Taxpayer Advocate Service has admitted to the fact that the IRS handled the Adoption Tax Credit poorly and was literally a “nightmare”.

“The IRS’s misguided procedures, and its failure to adequately adjust these processes when it learned its approach was seriously flawed, have caused significant economic harm to thousands of families who are selflessly trying to improve the lives of vulnerable children,” said the report.

The IRS did not respond to requests for comment on the issue of the Adoption Tax Credit.

What do you think about the continuous issues involving the IRS? Have you had problems with the Adoption Tax Credit?

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