Domestic adoption has become very popular for those who long for a child. Rather than spending a great deal of money on international adoptions, the state will pay for the person to become a licensed foster parent and then for the entire adoption, the benefits are not bad either. Here are reasons to look to a domestic adoption:
Domestic adoption in America
Benefits – When adopting through the state, they provide a medical card and a stipend till the child is 18 years of age. Oftentimes, children in foster care who then become adoptable have mental health issues or other medical needs. Having the assistance is beneficial to pay for these expenses.

Security – Unlike some private adoptions, there is safety in knowing that the parents have severed ties with the children. These children have had custody transferred to the state and there are no worries of parent changing their minds. Private adoption can be a worry for this very reason.

Lots of Children Need A Home – There is an overwhelming amount of children in the foster care system looking for homes. Being an older parent gives many options, like an older child. Those who are over 40 may not want a newborn, but a 10 year old that is able to go on adventures and enjoy life with may not be a bad idea.

Financial Rewards – To adopt through a state program a person will need to be licensed as a foster home ready for adoption. To become a licensed home the state will pay the parents $10.00 per hour to take the classes. Basically, there are 42 hours of training time that equals up to $420 per person. That is just for taking the classes. They will also pay for physicals, fire inspections, continued educational training and more. When a child is placed in the home as a potential adoption, they will be given a daily Per Diem. For most this adds up to hundreds of dollars per month.

Unfortunately, many people avoid the state foster programs because of the stigma attached to the children in these programs. Foster children are often thought to have deep seeded issues and become dangers to society or worse. The fact is the children that are in foster care have been through a lot, but they are no worse than any other child. With the right love, nurturing and support, these children are able to live normal, happy, and healthy lives.

Adopting a child is one of the biggest decisions a family can make. While another person in the home is exciting, one should be careful when dealing with the foster system. While it does provide some securities, there is a great deal of red tape and the entire process from placement to adoption can be overwhelming. Still, there are many children in the very state that a person lives that needs a home. Some find it silly to go elsewhere to find a child to call their own when the foster care systems are overflowing.

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