It’s All About the Adoption Shows this Summer

Recently, Mom at Last attended the showing of STUCK: An Adoption Documentary Film that explores the challenges faced by Children, Birth Parents, and Prospective Adoption Parents, and ever since the showing, we have noticed an upswing in the Adoption stories and shows that will be gracing the airwaves this summer for our viewing pleasure. Each of the shows that will be airing on cable networks everywhere will take a look at Adoption from different perspectives… from the Birth Mothers, to the Adoptive Parents to the Children in Foster Homes. These shows will definitely make you cry, out of laughter and sorrow, so get your tissues ready!

The Fosters on ABC FamilyThe Fosters, which sets to air on June 3rd, 2013 on ABC Family, is the fictional family-drama about a girl named Callie, who has lived her life going in and out of Foster Homes, and after years of bouncing around from foster home to foster home, she finally finds herself in a multi-cultured and multi-dimensional Foster home, with the head of the household being two, independent mothers, who are already raising their own biological children. Produced by Jennifer Lopez, the Fosters gives a whole new meaning to what it is to be a forever family in the age of being a modern family. In addition, The Fosters are bringing awareness to the 400,000 children in the Foster Care System via their website and has a place where you can get involved!

The Little Couple Adopt Son from ChinaThe Little Couple, going into its 6th season, has dealt with the uncertainty of pregnancy and infertility for the past couple of seasons, and have finally realized their destiny of becoming Adoptive parents through the use of Adoption in China. In a recent episode, Bill and Jen traveled to China to finally meet their adoptive son, face to face. Knowing how difficult it is to meet your child for the first time and then leave right away, is difficult to watch but knowing the fact that they will be reunited again and finally have their forever family, is comforting after watching their exchange. Their son, Will, was finally brought back to the United States in March, right as their Adoption was approved for their second child, Zoey, also from the country of China. Look forward to amazing experiences and events to unfold during the next couple of episodes of the Little Couple, on TLC.

I'm Having Their Baby Show on Oxygen NetworkThe 2nd Season of I’m Having Their Baby is set to air June 12th on the Oxygen Network and this season seems to be ramping up to be a good one. This season, the producers decided to take a deeper look into the lives of the Birth Mothers that are entering the Adoption Process and how friends and family are affected by the decision to give up the baby for adoption. Michael Rourke, the Executive Producer of I’m Having Their Baby, has a very personal tie to the Adoption process and the struggles & successes that come with it. Michael became a father last year through the use of a wonderful surrogate while also having two nieces that were adopted from China. Having this personal perspective on the surrogacy and adoption process will give the show more of a personal touch due to having been through the same journey many of these couples and Birth Mothers have been through. Watch a full episode before the launch date on the I’m Having Their Baby Website.

It’s all about Adoption this summer, so after the pool parties and BBQs, unwind in front of the television and take in these amazing stories of hope, courage and love, because you cannot spell Adoption with hope, courage and love.

Written by: Heather Cox; Staff Writer for Mom at Last

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