You Grew in Our Hearts: A Book about Adoption

When I read about Story For A Lifetime I thought,  "What a  fantastic idea".    I knew I had to share the book with all of you.

Vachelle Johnston
Story For A Lifetime

When we adopted our first daughter, I prayed about how we would discuss it with her. We never wanted the subject of her adoption to be treated as an "event"; rather, we wanted it to be a natural, everyday fact that we spoke of often.

To help guide our approach, we purchased several children's books on adoption. We found we could not find any that truly reflected our daughter and our unique experience as she joined our family. I decided to write a book to help adoptive families meet that need.

While writing this book, I researched questions that adopted children ask and found that several key issues come up often. My goal was to let my children know it was okay to ask questions in order to learn more about the adoptive process, and their place in the world and our family. Every adoption is different, but all have one thing in common: the child and how important it is for them to know their own story.

I designed the custom version so your child can have an adoption story that is about them and their adoptive family. The storybook child character you pick will look similar to your child in ethnicity, plus, there are three custom pages to document specific events in your child's life.

As far as you ordering a book:

Here is the link for the standard version of the book

Here is the link for the custom version of the book

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  1. Hi I can not get the web site to respond to order the book You grew in my heart. I wanted to get the personalized one. Can you help

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