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Niki Wetherall,  "A Girl Like Me" is a memoir  I have penned over a two year period. During times of great distress, I have found solace in the written word. This memoir depicts two interweaving stories, both expressions of love and a longing for things to be different, painted on a landscape of tangible and intangible relationships. Love is presented, slowly dissected and then carefully scrutinized for more clarity and understanding.

Dreams of a potential different future are stopped immediately as health issues present themselves amongst a backdrop of possible parenthood.

As a teenage child, I had this somewhat perfect notion that my life could be planned to the minutest detail. I recall sitting in the school yard one bright winter’s day and believing that when I was thirty years old I would have my third and last child; a love child; a girl. I was convinced that all my plans would come to fruition because I was cautious, because I would always conclude with: ‘If I am lucky enough to have children.’

This, of course, meant that I didn’t take anything for granted, did not tempt fate. My wishes would come true; my dreams would be at my command. This was an absolute certainty.

I was wrong.

The first story unfolds in May, close to my thirty-ninth birthday, at a very high point of tension. I have not birthed any children. This is a story about infertility, at bursting point, a reality I struggle to accept. Unfulfilled love for a child yet to be born overwhelms my current state.

The second interweaving story becomes a reality on June 6th. This is a story about a diagnosis calling itself Leukaemia, a reality I have not had the opportunity to consider, let alone accept. While perusing parenthood dreams, my husband and I are presented with a new focus: cancer. As a result, the first story stops, almost disappearing for a block of time.

‘Yesterday, day one used to represent a hope for a life — a baby.

Today, day one represents a hope for a life — my husband.’

Both stories continue to interconnect through love and support presented and given by family, through relationships and friendship. My salvation, the amazing network of care I receive during this period is a gift that I will always be thankful for. Both moments in time are slowly unraveled, but not complete. We remain still standing and humbled for all of our experiences".


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