The Biggest Myths About Adoption

Nicole-Witt Adoption Blogger

Most of what we know of adoption we get from the media or from our past. We see Angelina Jolie and Madonna adopting kids from around the globe. We remember adopted kids from our childhood neighborhood. But neither is a true picture of adoption today

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An Overview Of Open And Closed Domestic Adoption

Adopted in the USA

Although international adoption has received a great deal of attention lately, largely due to the prevalence of celebrities taking in children from foreign countries, many children each year are taken into new homes on the domestic front and remains a great way to build a family.

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Fifty-somethings Refills Empty Nests with Adoptions


At a time of life when many Americans would be checking on the 401(k)s, and helping the kids move out of the nest, 57-year-olds Marla and Dwayne Hastings are part of a close-knit group of faithful 50-somethings who are starting family all over again through Adoption

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Heart to Heart Adoptions Publishes New Website

heart and heart adoption

Utah adoption agency adds adoption profiles section. Heart to Heart Adoption Utah would like to announce the publishing of its new website. The new site features some exciting things like “Adoption Profiles.” This page includes photographs and information about each … Continue reading →

“Walk for Adoption” to Help Local Children Find Permanent Families

Mom at Last

“What makes a house feel like a home?” asks Jordan’s Furniture CEO Eliot Tatelman. “It’s not furniture,” comes the surprising answer, “It’s family. But thousands of kids living right here in Massachusetts are waiting for all the comforts of home AND family,” he added.

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