IVF timing warning | Moms over 40


For Australian women aged 45 and over using their own eggs, one live delivery resulted from every 800 initiated cycles of IVF in 2009, compared with one live delivery from every four initiated cycles in women aged 25-34.

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All you need to know about IVF

Mom at Last

Dr Aanchal Agarwal, June 23, 2012 IVF has proved to be a blessing for the modern-day woman. Production of sperm or egg, the fallopian tubes or the uterus, endometriosis, frequent miscarriage, as well as hormonal and auto-immune (antibody) disorders, in … Continue reading →

Doctors root for adoption over in vitro fertilization

Mom at Last

CHANDIGARH: Following two cases of death of women who had been undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) elsewhere and had come to the PGI later, some doctors from government and private hospitals have formed a group to make families of infertile … Continue reading →

In-vitro decisions may get easier with new procedure

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Aim is to reduce multiple births By Deborah Kotz, GLOBE STAFF: JUNE 05, 2012 Couples undergoing in vitro fertilization for infertility often face an excruciating choice: Should they have two or possibly three embryos implanted and run the risk of … Continue reading →

IVF in Young Women May Increase Breast Cancer Risk

London Womens Clinic

A new study undertaken by University of Western Australia researchers has highlighted a correlation between the use of IVF in early adulthood and the development of breast cancer in later life. When looking at the broader picture and at all … Continue reading →