Over 35 and Having a Baby

Pregnancy over 35

Having a Baby over the age of 35, There was a vast difference in my experiences through these two births and a vast difference in the way they were handled at the hospitals

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How to Get Pregnant at 40: Difficult Yet Attainable

Motherhood over 40 Tips

By Joiada Cruzate Reality check: pregnancy over 40 is difficult. Other sources may bombard you with consoling statements telling how easy it is for women over 40 to conceive a child, but this is not the case. However, you shouldn’t … Continue reading →

Telling Family and Friends About Your Over 40 Pregnancy

mommies over 40

Congratulations you’re expecting a baby! You’ve waited, prayed and are excited about your first baby. Whether you decide to tell the world or just secretly bask for a while in the wonder of future motherhood, here are a few pointers to prepare you in telling your big news.

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Pros and Cons To Pregnancy After 40: A Realistic Perspective On Late-In-Life Parenting

Motherhood over 40 Blogger

Most of the media I encounter on pregnancy after 40 focus on how to conceive and how to have a successful pregnancy at age 40 and beyond. But there’s a lot more to having a baby then just conceiving and delivering. There’s also the 18 years that follow!

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