Sharon Simons on DelmarvaLife

Sharon Simons on DelmarvaLife

Sharon Simons joins us to share her journey to becoming a mother. After the devastating loss of her twins to stillbirth, Sharon refused to give up on being a mom, so she turned to adoption. In her book, Mom at … Continue reading →

5 Truths to Encourage the Overwhelmed Mother

Being an overwhelmed mother isn’t easy for anyone. You feel as if you’re constantly stretched in a million directions. Your brain is foggy and you’re forgetful. Did I load the dishwasher? Or did I empty it? You feel stressed and … Continue reading →

Tuition Mission: How to Finance College for Your Child

How to Finance College for Your Child

If you’re a parent who’s hoping to pay for your child’s college expenses, you’re probably wondering what kind of fancy financial footwork you can do to come up with this kind of cash.

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Five Fun Summer Activities for You & Your Family

summer activites for kids

School is ending soon & you fear that your kids will be bored this summer. Summer’s weather & long daylight hours provide abundant opportunities for fun activities

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Being a Cool Mom on a Budget

Being a Mom on a Budget

Just like being successful at work often means making your boss look successful, being a “cool mom” is all about helping your kids succeed.

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