Mother denied leave after surrogate birth

JOSEPHINE TOVEY 02 Feb, 2012 After many unsuccessful attempts at getting pregnant and enduring miscarriages, Susan* and her partner had the baby they had long wanted with the help of a surrogate. But they did not get the support they … Continue reading →

The Pregnancy Companion

The Pregnancy Companion

The Pregnancy Companion Any woman walking through pregnancy faces a journey paved with anticipation as well as apprehension. During nine months on the rollercoaster of fear and joy, she will devour every piece of information that helps answer her questions … Continue reading →

A near miracle: baby conceived with a single frozen sperm

Miracle Baby

Usually, Mother Nature gives about 60 to 100 million sperm a chance at the conception lottery at any one try, but this baby was created using just one lone soldier. Written By Michael Santo on 2012-01-20 Nine-month-old Kenley Schiraldi of … Continue reading →

Antidepressants and Pregnancy: What to Do Now

Written By Dr. Keith Ablow Published January 16, 2012 Antidepressants and Pregnancy: What to do Now A recent research paper published in the British Medical Journal reported that taking serotonin reuptake antidepressants (SSRIs) like fluoxetine (Prozac), paroxetine (Paxil) and … Continue reading →

Family Thais: Couple finally Conceives after Exotic Trip

Couple Twins Trip Thailand

When Alix Raven-Sarai and her husband Saran had been trying for a baby for 14 years without success they were at their wits end. They had already had several unsuccessful attempts at IVF, had tried fertility drugs and had even … Continue reading →

Working Moms Happier Than Stay-At-Home Moms, Study Finds

Working Moms Happier Than Stay-At-Home Moms, Study Finds To work or not to work after having children: it’s a subject that’s been debated over and over again. What’s best for the kids? What’s best for women? And wait, what’s best … Continue reading →

Working Moms Multitasking More and Enjoying It Less

Multitasking Mom

Working Moms Multitasking More and Enjoying it Less   Moms multitasking more, enjoying it less, study finds Many women feel more pressure to balance family and work than do men, researchers say By Bonnie Miller Rubin, Chicago Tribune reporter December … Continue reading →

Mom Q and A – How to Have a Stress Free Holiday

Christmas used to be my favorite holiday of the year, and I figured once I had kids, it would be even better. Instead, though, I find myself dreading it more and more each year. There are just so many things … Continue reading →

Disney Buys Mom Blogs

BY ERICA ORDEN In a deal that could further blur the line between advertising and   blogs, Walt Disney Co. is buying Babble Media Inc., whose website   carries news for parents and blogs written by moms and dads.     Disney … Continue reading →

How to Toilet Train your Toddler

It is one of the most difficult tasks to teach your baby new things. One of the most difficult one of them is using the toilet. Many mothers are worried how to toilet train their kids, as at this age … Continue reading →