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Challenges of Foster Parenting

No, no, no… he’s not my adopted child,” highly driven businesswoman Marilyn “Mallie” del Bianco was quick to say to correct her socialite friends who were obviously intrigued by the new 7-year-old olive-skinned boy with her. “This is Joshua, my foster child,” she announced.

“Oh, but fostering is not adopting,” Del Bianco clarified.

Although adopting and fostering are similar in the aspect of rearing a child as your own, fostering is only temporary. A foster child may stay in a home for a short term of one week up to six months (usually while awaiting adoptive placement) or a long-term period of six months to about a year for reasons relative to the best interests of the child.

Fostering is defined as a planned period of substitute family care for a child when the biological family cannot care for him or her due to death, illness, imprisonment, abandonment, neglect or war.

The Parenting Foundation of the Philippines, Inc. (PFP) is an organization engaged in fostering; it’s accredited by Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

Executive director and psychologist Maria Paz “Pazie” U. de Guzman said she strongly believes in the right of the child to grow up in a family. Many abandoned or abused children are often placed in a residential facility, which may result in the child getting substandard attention, care, guidance and support due to the huge number of children in the facility, she explained.

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