This is a great story I read about foster care…

Amy Karwacki, a 33 year old kindergarten teacher and foster mom was supposed to be a mom for a night to a 6 month baby boy.

But the one night turned into another and another, and she hoped and prayed she could adopt him permanently.

At a ceremony on National Adoption Day last month, her prayers came true she adopted 2-year-old Michael as her own.

Now, she says, "He calls me his forever mommy.'"

Even though she is not married and has no biological children, she felt she was ready to become a foster parent several years ago and went through the screenings and the weeks of classes to be certified for foster placement and adoption.

She had a few placements that were only temporary .         

Then, a year and a half ago, Michael was placed with her and in September, Michael's biological parents terminated their rights, making way for the adoption.

She knows they did what is best for him and although nothing has changed at home or between her and her son,  she's relieved now that the adoption has been finalized.

 She knows he's safe with her.

"He's a happy little guy," she says. But he also has special needs. He has vision problems and mild paralysis on his left side, which causes some balance and fine and motor skill problems.

Still, he's making great strides, she says. He already loves books.

One book, in particular, will always be special for the two of them, she says. "It's about adoption," she says. "I want him to know that he was chosen. He is special."


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