Infertility affects approximately 1 in 6 couples today. Despite the prevalence of individuals facing infertility, it can be a very isolating, stressful disease. It is important that infertile couples build a strong support network when facing the challenges of constant negative pregnancy tests, fertility treatments and the harsh realities of a fertile world.
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Visit a doctor to receive necessary tests and to help create a plan tailored to your reproductive issues. This fertility specialist may be a family doctor, gynecologist, urologist, or reproductive endocrinologist. Medical professionals such as a San Antonio Infertility Specialist can help provide medical support and emotional comfort. Gathering information and being proactive can help lessen the confusion and uncertainty about the future.

Join an infertility support group

There are numerous infertility support groups both in-person and online. It can be extremely comforting to talk with others who have gone or are going through similar experiences. Resolve, the National Infertility Association, organizes several professionally-led and peer-led support groups throughout the United States. They also sponsor online support communities.

Talk to friends and family

It helps to be as open as possible with loved ones about infertility. Many do not understand the struggles that infertile couples face. It helps to educate others and provide ways for them to learn how to be sensitive to issues surrounding infertility. Open communication with loved ones can foster strong emotional support. This emotional support is so crucial when facing the hardships of infertility.

Relaxation and meditation

Infertility can cause high levels of stress and anxiety. Managing that stress properly is good for both the body and mind. It can be as simple as engaging in short deep breathing exercises or taking a walk around the block. Meditation practices can also be very beneficial. It helps to focus on a mantra or positive imagery while meditating.

Strengthen spousal support

Couples may not realize how much infertility takes a toll on their relationship. One person may deal with the challenges of infertility differently from his or her spouse. Take time to check in with one another. Shutting off one’s feelings is not healthy. It is important to let it out. Also, try to remember life beyond infertility. Savor each other’s company and take part in activities that both spouses can enjoy.

Written by Kandace H.; Guest Blogger for Mom at Last

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