An article posted on Yahoo cites the government’s released report that despite the growing fertility treatments, infertility rates have actually decreased among women in the United States of childbearing age. The significant 6 percent decrease from the 8.5 percent of married women could mean hope to many couples who are still trying and hoping to deepen and further strengthen their marriage by having children. Here are some tips on How to Preserve Strong Bond and Happiness Despite Infertility.

How to Preserve Strong Bond and Happiness Despite Infertility

How to Preserve Strong Bond and Happiness Despite Infertility

But, what is infertility and how does it affect your marriage?

The world’s largest health and medical organizations consider infertility as a disease resulting from the aberrant functioning of the male or female reproductive system. This condition is associated to numerous factors. Based on extensive research and study by experts, infertility creates significant physiological, emotional and psychological impact on both men and women who are completely gripped by this condition.

Who doesn’t want a child?

Most people get married not only because they are in love and are happy with each other, but also because they want to experience the indefinable joy of parenthood. But when their hope to have a child is strangled by infertility, they are most likely to feel lost and susceptible to destructive elements, leaving their marriage less protected and unsecured.

Personally, I have a strong belief in children empowering parents and bolstering marital well-being. But for me, having no children or being totally incapable of having one is not the only reason for couples to preserve their happiness and protect their marriage. There are still many reasons to enjoy the sacrament of marriage, the gift of companionship and the unlimited wonders and surprises of love. Here are few ideas on how to keep a beautiful marriage working and always exciting.

Adoption. If you had tried all the fertility treatments and nothing happened, you don’t have to be broken. Through legal adoption, you can raise and nurture a child and completely embrace the joy of becoming parents. When you have made your decision, you will be happy to plan your child’s future. A gift of life is not delivered through normal birth alone; adoption is another special way to let you feel that you are still blessed as a couple.

Travel. The world is a colossal dome of beautiful and spectacular places waiting to be explored. Make wonderful memories as a couple by traveling to different countries together. Celebrate life as you witness magnificent sights, discover new culture, taste luscious cuisines, and experience the wonders of falling in love with each other over and over again.

Get involved. Don’t grieve. Instead of blaming whoever or whatever about your infertility, be grateful that you have each other to love and be happy about. Reach out to the less fortunate children, connect with charity organizations, join in different outreach programs, and experience the loveliness of sharing and caring by extending your marriage to those who need insights, inspiration and hope.

Do a project together. Have fun. Play games. Do interesting stuff together. Why not try gardening? Or, why not consider checking out some Chicago home remodeling insights and apply it to your simple home? DIY home remodeling project is definitely a fun and exciting activity for couples, but make sure to consult a pro before implementing your plan. Having time to do different projects together allows you to define your limits and give you the opportunity to bond and strengthen your marriage in a unique way.

Celebrate love every day. There are more than a thousand and one reasons to celebrate love and happiness of being married even without a child. Marriage is not only about having a family, but it is also about a celebration of true love. A husband and wife should feel complete with each other because they love each other, and learn that having a child is just a beautiful bonus.

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