Infertility simply means having difficulty in conceiving or becoming pregnant despite having regular sex without taking any precaution in the form of contraception. When we discuss about this topic there is a common myth that this problem is only found among the women, however, this is a common notion, which is incorrect. The fact is equal number of male cases with infertility is reported to the doctors unlike the way you find the female cases. Hence as per reports, when you have 35 percent of females with infertility issue similar is the figure of 35 % of men suffering from the same, while in 20 % cases both male and female are found infertile and for the remaining 10 percent the causes are reported as unknown. So the notion that only women suffer from the issue of infertility and not men is completely a myth as you have both male and female infertility cases with the doctors. Let’s further dig deep into this topic to understand clearly this myth in the following paragraph:

infertility problems with men and women

Female infertility

In most of the female infertility cases, the real cause behind this problem is with the ovulation factor and without this process; you will not find a single egg getting fertilized in the woman’s body. Some of the symptoms in which any woman is not ovulating are usually due to the absolute or irregular kind of menstrual cycles. The common cause to the problem of ovulation is generally due to the polycystic ovarian syndrome commonly known as PCOS. The polycystic ovarian syndrome is basically a hormonal imbalance issue, which can hinder with the usual ovulation process. The other cause, which brings in problem in ovulation, is the POI (Primary Ovarian Insufficiency). This comes into picture when the ovary of any woman fails to work in a normal fashion, which is usually seen after the age of 40 years. Apart from these two causes, you have several unusual ones, which also bring in the problem of infertility. These include the blocked fallopian tubes, which comes due to the pelvic inflammatory disease, the ectopic pregnancy surgical procedure or endometriosis. It can also occur due to the weak uterus issue and lastly it can even occur due to the presence of uterine fibroids (non cancerous muscle and tissue clumps) over the walls of woman’s uterus.

Male infertility

Unlike the female infertility issue you can even find the same problem in men, however, in most of cases these problems in men can be easily resolved through effective treatment options. If nothing works, the male can approach any sperm donation clinic, which can help the couple to have the child through modern ways. If you look at the cases of male infertility, you can find several causes behind this issue. The most common cause behind this problem is varicocele, which comes in when vein of the male’s testicles are extremely big. This simply heat up the testicles, which can further impact the shape of the sperm. The other cause is to have fewer amounts of sperms in the male’s body and even the movement of the sperm can be cause behind male infertility. The problem in movement usually comes owing the sperm’s shape. Also the cause to the male infertility issue is also due to damage of reproductive system, which can block the flow of sperm. Lastly some men are even reported with inborn problems, which causes male infertility while in rest of the cases it is owing to the injuries and illness, for instance due to the presence of cystic fibrosis you may end up encountering this problem.

Factors increasing the infertility risk in men and women

The sperm of a man could be changed by his lifestyle and health factors, which at times can hamper their health and production of sperms inside their bodies. The risk factors, which can increase the risk of male infertility, include regular and heavy alcohol consumption, smoking, drugs, age factor, environmental toxins like lead and pesticides. Also, certain health issues like kidney disease, mumps or hormonal problems too add up the risk of infertility in men. Lastly, if you undergo treatments like chemotherapy or radiation for cancer then it can increase the risk factor for infertility.

For women, there are many things that can increase the risk of having infertility among them. These include, smoking cigarettes, growing age, excessive alcohol consumption, stress, improper diet, rigorous athletic training, being under and overweight and women facing the STIs (sexually transmitted infections). Also, certain health issues, which bring in certain hormonal changes like primary ovarian insufficiency and polycystic ovarian syndrome, too are responsible for this problem.

Final word

Only women have the problem of infertility and not the male is often called as the biggest myth found in public domains. However, this problem is very much found in men as seen in women.

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