When Alix Raven-Sarai and her husband Saran had been trying for a baby for 14 years without success they were at their wits end.
They had already had several unsuccessful attempts at IVF, had tried fertility drugs and had even had their hair strands analysed for deficiencies in their diets.
As a last ditch attempt they decided to travel thousands of miles to Thailand for their fifth attempt at IVF – to see if the sun, sea and sand would help.

Amazingly being away from the stresses of life in the UK proved to be the answer – as Mrs Raven-Sarai fell pregnant with twins.
She gave birth to twins Tyler and Aliza in July – and says it was worth travelling thousands of miles to get her babies.
Mrs Raven-Sarai, who lives in Baildon, West Yorkshire, said: ‘We had been trying so long for a baby with no success that we really didn’t know what to do next.
‘We’d had three courses of IVF treatment in the UK and nothing had worked. I didn’t have a successful pregnancy in any of the three courses.
‘So we thought about going somewhere which was incredibly relaxing to see if that would help.
‘It was a long shot, but it worked. We were both so relaxed and calm and that must have helped.’
The couple, who own an estate agents, married in September 1996 after they had been together for eight years.

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