How I met you Mother takes on Infertility

Recent dramas such as Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice have explored the world of infertility with characters taking fertility drugs, trying in vitro fertilization, selecting a sperm donor and finding a baby to adopt only to have her taken away.

It's unusual, however, for a sitcom to tackle such heavy subject matter.

But the popular sitcom How I Met Your Mother has done just that. In the CBS comedy, Robin (Cobie Smulders) learned she was pregnant, but then found out that she was not pregnant and could not, in fact, have children. According to the show's producer, the storyline is part of a decision they made last summer to make Robin infertile and will be the start of exploring her character more deeply on the show.

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‘How I met your Mother’ Takes on Infertility — 3 Comments

  1. I am infertile. Me and my husband have tried to have a child for 3 years now. It's devastating to watch the tv because it portrays so many people getting pregnant so easily. I have over 5 shows now where someone on the show is pregnant. It is devastating and painful because I deal with it at work, in my family and also on tv. I appreciate that HIMYM is doing this because I want to see someone like me on tv. It's time they started portraying a different kind of woman. I hope they let her explore it. For example, I've started to feel like I'm not even a real woman because I can't do something that I'm supposed to be able to do and others do so easily. I hope they continue the storyline and not end it here.

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