Years before IVF, my grandmother had a friend who could not conceive a child. Conversations about Gina always began with, ”Poor Gina, how hard she tried to become pregnant.” She would never know the joy of giving birth – and back in the fifties and sixties, adoption was an infrequently used solution.

IVF Pregnancy

Well, we have come a long way, baby! Today infertility still exists, but medical science has advanced so much that our chances of becoming mothers – whether by surrogate means or a very popular procedure called In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) – have increased dramatically.  Achieving an IVF pregnancy involves a carefully monitored process. IVF occurs after a woman takes prescribed medications to induce egg production levels at each cycle. Then, the eggs are retrieved through a minor surgical procedure called follicular aspiration and combined with prepared sperm in incubators in a laboratory. This allows fertilization to occur. The fertilized eggs are then considered embryos. Within a few days, after cell division is confirmed, the embryos are planted by catheter into the womb. There are different variations of IVF. Pregnancy is not guaranteed, so you should be prepared for disappointment. Your fertility specialist can give you all the IVF information you need on what degree of success to expect from the procedure and he or she can help you decide which type of IVF is right for you.

IVF Success Stories

IVF clinics abound and you may find one in your area by logging onto American Pregnancy or by surfing the web for the many women’s infertility treatment sites. It is possible to achieve a successful IVF pregnancy, and we want to hear your IVF success stories as well as your stories of anxiety, delay or disappointment along your journey toward achieving an IVF pregnancy.

We invite you to share your own IVF success stories.


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