The Wanners, of Australia, count their blessings every day.  Australia has a IVF program which helps with most of the costs. I sure wish there was a program available for myself and the many other women here in the US.  When I was going through IVF it was 100% was out of pocket.

The Wanners are fortunate.

With adorable twin girls born five months ago after two years on the IVF program the couple, who once feared they would remain childless, are over the moon.

“I have a medical condition which made it very difficult for me to conceive,” Mrs Wanner said.

“We joined the IVF program in 2008 and had seven treatment cycles before conceiving.

“All the same, I know other couples who have taken up to 10 years to succeed.

“Our journey was an emotional roller-coaster and felt like a lifetime, but we were very lucky to have not just one child, but two.”

Twins Olivia and Klarissa keep the Wanners busy and they are not looking to expand the family, although they still have one embryo in storage.

But Mrs Wanner said she had grave concerns for other families hoping to use the program with means testing and some exclusions being considered for the program’s Medicare safety net.

“Even with that safety net, we ended up about $20,000 out of pocket,” she said.

“Without that financial help it would have taken us a lot longer to be able to start our family.

“I’m sure if they cut that net, many families would have to think twice about whether or not they could afford IVF.”


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