WHEN Prue Corlette started IVF four years ago, her focus was on conceiving rather than making a decision about leftover embryos.

Now pregnant with twins due next month, Ms Corlette is wondering what to do with her six surplus embryos. ''All I wanted was one to transfer and one to freeze,'' she said. ''I never thought there would be leftovers.''

The 34-year-old, from Rose Bay, believes there are no easy answers when it comes to choosing the fate of the embryos.

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''My husband and I have discussed it but we really haven't come to a decision. The way I look at it, we have three or four options. We can donate to another couple, we can use them ourselves, we can donate them to science or we can destroy them.''

She has ruled out discarding the embryos, however, as she regards that as a waste and is unsure about donating to another couple. ''I started leaning towards the idea of donating to scientific research because without research we never would have been able to go through IVF in the first place,'' she said.

''We only ever wanted two children so I can't see us using them in the future. But then there is that niggling question of what if something happens to one of the twins? Should we keep the embryos as an insurance policy?''


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