Adriana Iliescu of Romania is one of the world's oldest mothers, her daughter Eliza was born in 2005 she was age 66.

It is a story that has caused a lot of controversy but it does not faze Iliescu who had daughter Eliza via IVF with a sperm and egg donor.  She calls it a triumph saying IVF helps women who could not conceive during their fertile years.

 As they pose together for a photo she looks more than a grandmother but says she is healthier than women half her age. She says "I don't smoke and I don't drink"  and if she lives as long as her parents did Eliza will be 20 when she passes and she feels she has a lot to give to her.

 Many groups and religious organizations are quick to judge her but she insists that people who judge her are jealous of what she has done with her life. She says "It's not a small thing to have published 25 books and be a university professor and have a child. The most important thing a child needs is love…


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