The cases of Irish couples caught up in a Mexican adoption scam and children born abroad to surrogates being left in passport limbo trained a spotlight on how daunting some routes to parenthood can be.

Any couple struggling to have a family can attest to the emotional price involved, but it can be extremely financially draining, too.

The US is one destination for couples who want to have a child through surrogacy, but the process there cost one Irish couple in excess of €90,000. Those pursuing fertility treatment or adoption face spending thousands.

Last week, a conference on assisted human reproduction was told that the cost of egg and sperm and egg donor services could jump by 60 per cent if new Irish law includes an expected ban on anonymous donations.

We took a timely look at the financial side of fertility treatment and other means of having children.


Treatment varies for every couple, depending on what’s required.

One cycle of IVF costs in the region of €4,000. Adding medical techniques that assist the IVF (such as ICSI or IMSI) costs about another €1,000 to €1,500.

With a success rate of 30-40 per cent, many couples will opt for several rounds of IVF, with costs incurred each time. There are also extra expenses, such as for storing embryos, blood tests, scans and counselling.

IVF treatment in the Czech Republic has grown in popularity as the highly professional service costs from €2,000 to €3,000 per cycle, giving couples the chance to be able to afford to try more times, but there are accommodation and travel expenses.

Only one Irish health insurer provides any cover for infertility treatment. Women insured with Quinn Healthcare can claim up to €1,000 towards the cost of IVF and related treatments on the Family Care, Health Manager Silver or Health Manager Gold schemes, at approved Irish clinics.

Tax relief applies to fertility treatment at 20 per cent for unreimbursed expenses, so you could get €1,000 back for treatment costs of €5,000….Continue Reading

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