Benefits of Infertility Peer Support Groups

Infertility can be very emotionally draining. You may feel that your relationship is suffering from it, or that your self-esteem has taken a blow due to it.

With all of the stress and anxiety that goes along with being infertile; you need all the support you can get. Joining an infertility peer support group is just one way to give your support group a boost.

Peer support groups are places where you meet with others that are experiencing the same thing you are dealing with: infertility. The purpose of a support group is for each member to provide and receive support from the rest of the members. It's a place of no judgment, as well as a place where you, hopefully, will feel comfortable opening up about your particular situation and circumstances.

Keep in mind that, in the majority of cases, you're not dealing with licensed professionals. They are simply people dealing with being infertile—just like you. Support groups, unlike therapy groups, are typically not run by a licensed mental health professional. Instead, they are often run and organized by the members themselves or may be backed by a non-profit organization, church, hospital, or clinic.

Peer support groups can be particularly helpful during the first few months after finding out that you or your partner is infertile. Those first several months can be the most difficult, as reality sets in and you begin thinking about your future. Those in infertility peer support groups know how it feels to have to come to terms with infertility—they can provide you with the sounding board you may need to "get it all off your chest."

Different people get different things out of utilizing an infertility peer support groups. Members get limitless support and build emotional connections and relationships with other members of the group. They also get the peace of mind of knowing that they're not alone—there are others that have shared this same experience. Support groups can also help improve coping skills, provide invaluable information, and serve as an emotional release.

If you're struggling with infertility and feel like you need some extra support, consider utilizing an infertility peer support group. You'll gain insight, support, knowledge, and the skills you need to get through this difficult time.

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