Lynn Seigenberg, 30, has successfully delivered her triplets through the process of IVF.  After the first cycle of IVF doctors told her that she had triplets and asked her to abort two of her kids to give the third the best chance of life.

Triplets through IVFLynn Seigenberg and her husband Leon were shocked and upset after listening to the shocking news. Seigenberg said “how can you expect a mother to choose which of her children lives or dies”?

She has tried for nine long years to conceive and at this moment she was unable to take any decision. Every time she failed to get pregnant because she was diagnosed with polycistic ovary syndrome, one of the leading causes of fertility problems. She was on medication for many years to increase her chances of conceiving. After a few years of the treatment, there was one pregnancy but it was miscarried after a few weeks.

Finally, Seigenberg received two cycles of IVF . She had two eggs implanted and immediately became pregnant with identical twin boys and a girl. Even after the warning of doctor she decided to give birth to all three of her kids.

After nine months she successfully delivered, Lexy, Logan and Ethanl.


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  1. Am so happy for you. What a great joy for you.
    Am also 7weeks pregnant with triplets and my dr. just told me today about selective reduction. I don’t know what to do and really wants healthy babies.

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