A miscarriage leaves a woman will an unexpected, gnawing gap in one’s emotional as well as the physical being. The feelings of fear and apprehension about whether ‘I would be able to conceive again?’, or, ‘How do I deal with this loss?’, or, ‘Will I ever be able to forget this lost baby and move on?’ find a paramount space in the heart and mind of the lady who has lost the lost. And, the feeling of loss is not one sided. It is shared equally by the expecting mother’s partner too. How can you move ahead and neutralize this fear?

Share the pain

Words and tears are powerful medium of conveying what you are feeling deep inside your heart. Share this with your family members, friends and partner. Do not stay quiet. Let your pain find a way out of your system. Unshared pain gives rise to fear, loneliness and depression.

Find emotional support

Be with those who are capable of understanding your fear and guilt without criticizing you. Don’t stay alone. Try to speak to those who have been through similarly trying times and ask them about how did they survive – though they may not have any lessons to give, knowing that you are not alone in grief helps the heart. You can also find support groups in your city that you can meet and be with. Each support counts.

Speak to your doctor

Before reaching at any unscientific conclusions about why had a miscarriage, speak to your doctor and ask about the cause of the loss. Generally, the cause of loss remains unknown – it just happens, without you going out to “do it”. If your doctor tells you that there is no known factor which led to miscarriage, believe him, and stop taking extra precautions that you think will lead to another miscarriage. If the doctor tells you of a reason, work on it with a positive frame of mind. Positivity is the fountain of life.

Take time before you think of conceiving again

Grieve for this was-to-be-child for a considerable time period. Though it is possible to conceive within few weeks of miscarriage, you should allow yourself time to get over the immediate loss. The time gap allows calming down of fears.

Nourish yourself emotionally and physically

Take out time to take care of your body in a way that it makes you happy. Shaping yourself physically will build confidence about the next child, and, remove negative feelings. You can write a diary or maintain a journal where you write about the ‘good things which can happen to me in future if I stay positive’. Or, pen down a list of a dozen positive healing quotes that inspire you and stick them up on your cupboard so that you may read them whenever you are low or passing it.

Be with your partner

Since the lost child was also that of the to-be-father, share your thoughts, fears and grief with your partner. He, at this time, can perhaps best understand how you feel.

Have faith

If you believe in God, know that He will give you what He thinks well. If you are an atheist, believe in yourself. Nothing is impossible if tried with complete faith.

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After Miscarriage – How Do I Overcome the Fear? — 4 Comments

  1. im 25 yearold im 100% healthy i was ten week and have five day my babe was healthy but had a growth problem and the hart was low but when it was 4 week the hart and growth was amazing good and then it sloweddown and when the dr was checking for the hart she say the babe just passed away just hard when you do every thing right and take good care of ur sife the babe just didnt grow right and the hart slowed down and its going to take time for my hubby and i go over come thingbut all we can do ittry try agien and see how it gose but the fear is still there that we may not be able to keep a babe and have a miscarriage agian

  2. I wanted so much to be a mother! I didn’t marry until I was in my late thirties. I had difficulty conceiving, and took medication to assist with that. I eventually conceived a baby and was ecstatic! Just when I was entering my second trimester, I found out that my little one’s heart was no longer beating. I was crushed! I was 40 years old at the time. We found out a short time later that the baby I miscarried was a little girl! She had Down Syndrome. I had known the risk was high due to my age. My husband and I had to decide if we were ready to face this risk again! Well, here is the best part…… We took that risk, and I became pregnant easily– and without medication! Our beautiful, healthy baby boy was born one year and several days after my miscarriage. I so much appreciate this opportunity I have been given to be a mommy. He was well worth the wait! My sympathy to all of you who have lost a child through miscarriage. I know the heartache and emptiness this can bring. Take time to grieve your loss of the baby who has gone on to Heaven, and when you are ready to try again, you will know it. Each pregnancy is so special! My best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and a beautiful, healthy baby!

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