It seems to me, as a female we spend a large part of our lives trying very hard not to get pregnant only to discover that when we think the time is right that Mother Nature has other ideas.

Shortly after I was married to my lovely husband Dave we decided to start a family. I thought because both Dave and I were healthy and active that the whole thing would be a breeze and was totally unprepared for the frustration and heartache that was to come.

I had never considered myself a control freak but generally speaking whenever I wanted to make a change in my life be it starting a new job, booking a holiday or getting married I just went ahead and did it. Here we were in this strange situation of having made a momentous decision to have a baby and my body was refusing to go along with things! I tried not to get too obsessed about it but it was difficult with each month becoming divided into the best days to conceive, period days and days when every time I visited the bathroom I hoped to come out jubilantly waving a positive pregnancy test stick.

Some months later I took a test that revealed I was pregnant and Dave and I had a jump for joy. I purchased exactly 9 months’supply of pregnancy vitamins, thinking when they were all gone we would have a baby. Sadly 6 weeks into my pregnancy I had a miscarriage and was totally devastated. I don’t think it even crossed my mind that I would, the only people I had ever heard of having such things happen to them were characters out of TV soaps not regular people like me. After investigating on the internet I was shocked to read about the high percentage of pregnancies that end this way and even more so that no one seemed to talk about it.

There followed an agonising 7 months of failed attempts and then just when I was least expecting it another positive pregnancy test. This time round I was keen to get to the magical 12 week mark that I kept reading about, where the incidence of miscarriage gets lower. As I approached 13 weeks and my first ever scan I could barely contain my excitement. The scan appointment was booked close to Mother’s Day and I kept daydreaming of giving both mine and Dave’s mum, cards containing a copy of the scan picture and writing ‘hello grandma!’
In reality a few days before the appointment I started bleeding, we went into hospital where I had a scan and the sonographer announced she was so sorry she couldn’t find our baby’s heartbeat and it looked as though our baby had stopped developing at around 6 weeks. I will spare you the details but what followed was harrowing both physically and emotionally and it took a further 6 months before I once again found myself gazing in disbeliefand joy tinged with apprehension at another positive pregnancy test.

As the saying goes itwas a case of 3rd time lucky and I gave birth to my gorgeous little angel Cole Jayden at 40 weeks and 6 days. Our journey towards becoming parents had not been what I had expected but with all the adversity it made Dave and me stronger as a couple and our little boy is our very own miracle who has healed and blessed our lives so completely – he most definitely was worth the wait!

About the Author

Charlie is a happy go lucky, passionate, loving, loyal and sensitive soul. Her most amazing achievements to date have been finding and marrying her soul mate Dave and becoming a mum to their adorable son Cole.

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