I came across this as I was cleaning today…Someone gave it to me after my own miscarriage.  It does get better…

"God Knew"

Mommy, You carried me as long as you could,  And that time together was meant to be. I know it hurts, and I've felt your pain. I am watching you as you lay asleep,  Not knowing about my life,  But I want you to know while you slept- God Knew.

I know how difficult it is to say goodbye when we haven't had the chance to say "Hello"   Life catches us by surprise. As quickly as it does in dying, And leaves us with unanswered questions, Just remember with me, – God Knew.

I am with you, always in your heart, I know you will find solace in this, It was not in our plan, And it's hard to understand. But in his Wisdom and sovereignty, We endure our faith that -God knew.

Our life goes in many directions, And many roads will cross our way,  As we persevere in His strength,  And remain upon His path,  He will lead us home,  As he has with me,  And one day I will be waiting for you,   Our joy will replace the tears and sadness of our day,  And we embrace ourselves together with Him,  He'll reveal His Loving plan, And then we'll understand how, -God knew.

I have been in the shoes of many who have suffered or are suffering the loss of  an unborn child, It will get easier…Sharon


Surviving A Miscarriage — 2 Comments

  1. Oct.18, 2011 i lost my baby girl at 7 1/2 months pregnant. it has been a little over three months now and I still dont believe this happened to me. I find myself rubbing my belly and occasionally waddling while I walk. I cant help but stop at every baby section in every store and think about my daughter, Kaori Star. I havent been able to sleep and Im finding it difficult to decipher the difference between reality or not. I hope I CAN survive this…

  2. wow…….. we lost our first two babies due to mcs…… they were 5 months apart. They are both still in our hearts and minds. Our two angels babies who now watch over our two miracle babies.

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