Written by Michelle Cooke

A seriously ill woman who suffered a miscarriage while trekking in the King Country has been rescued from the mountainside by helicopter.

The woman, who was 12 weeks pregnant, was trekking through the Pomarangai Track yesterday when she suffered a miscarriage.

Thick clouds and constant rain had prevented search and rescue teams from evacuating her from the hut by helicopter last night, but a break in the weather at about 8.30 this morning allowed them to reach her.

“There was sufficient clear weather to allow a winch-equipped helicopter to get in and winch her out and she is being flown to hospital as we speak,” Waikato Search and Rescue Coordinator Constable Dave Pitchford said.

“We’re very grateful for the break in the weather and the ability of the crew to get the woman out given the only other alternative would have been to carry her out by stretcher which would have been a trial not only for the patient but the SAR crews as well,” Waikato Search and Rescue Coordinator Constable Dave Pitchford said.

The woman was forced to spend the night at the mountainside hut with a St John paramedic.

She had lost a lot of blood after the miscarriage but was stable this morning, a police spokesman said.

A search and rescue team last night established a base about an hour’s drive from Te Kuiti, and about an hour’s walk from the hut.

Meanwhile, Waikato search and rescue teams found two missing people overnight.

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