Academic blogging is nothing new, but it can make for some deadly dull reading that’s only interesting to a handful of people. But throw a newborn baby or three teenage kids into the mix, and you’ve got the ingredients for must-read stuff. For moms working in academia, there are hundreds of blogs out there written by women in the exact same boat. We’ve picked out 40 of the best (in no particular order) that are sure to entertain, inform, or just commiserate with you.


40 best blogs for academic moms

Having three kids hasn’t slowed AcadeMama from recently getting her Ph.D. in humanities. If you wonder how she does it, check her out here.

¿Qué Será? Trusting the moiræ:
Formerly ABDMama (for “all but dissertation”), this blogger’s now got that Ph.D. and she’s still blogging. Topics include research, academia in general, and being a mom.

Four Kids, One Husband and a Ph.D. Mama:
The four kids of the title were all born while she was pursuing her Ph.D. Somewhere she finds the time to show you how she does it all.

A Good (Enough) Woman:
Do you ever feel like you’re expected to be perfect but you just can’t get there? This Ph.D. student, wife, and mother is here to tell you your best is good enough.

Hooey! Critic:
Christina’s path has taken her from a high school English teacher, to stay-at-home mom, and just recently to her earning her Ph.D. Follow along as she talks academics, motherhood, and the daily grind.

Apple Pie and the Universe:
Taking its name from a Carl Sagan quote, the “apple pie” refers to this blogging mom’s home life, and “the universe” to her job as a doctorate-holding university teacher. She is a big advocate for science and education, and a big fan of her one-year-old, Evan.

Blue Lab Coats:
She dons the titular lab coat at work as a tenure-track biologist with a Ph.D. At the end of the day, she comes home to her husband and two kids. Get her thoughts on being a woman in academics here.

The Tightrope:
If you’re not easily offended, you’ll be treated to the interesting tales of Dr. O, a tenure-track professor and mother of “Monkey.” Currently her focus is figuring out how to balance the two.

Gravity Circus:
Gravity (the medical word for pregnancy) Circus is the fictionalized online journal of a working OB/GYN balancing the hectic life of a doctor with the demands of motherhood.

Mama(e) in Translation:
Straddling the two worlds of home and academia is par for the course for this mother of two, who has returned to the working world after a six-year hiatus to have kids.

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