As I was thinking of what to blog about today I was going through the mail and in there are my boys report cards. I knew I needed to share the progress of my boys.

I was so proud as I was reading the report cards that Hunter "is confident and comfortable and his many friends love him". "His passion and positive attitude is to be admired" and  "Dylan is a conscientious and happy student and remains a treasure to have in the class room and like his brother is confident and kind"

Reading the progress  brings me back to the two emaciated babies we met a little over 3 years ago. Hunter age 4 and Dylan age 5 make us smile everyday and international adoption made this happen.

My husband Rick wrote me a note right after the adoption that I keep on my desk and read every day.

He wrote,

"In the middle of my busy day, I had a few thoughts I needed to say.

But there are no words I can rhyme or write that can compare to those two little poems bouncing around our home.

Their babbling and squeals are our poetry, their playing together our movie, and their growth our joy.

You have made this happen, thank you, you wonderful Mom."

And I say Motherhood is possible and motherhood is wonderful and if your path is adoption, Adoption is great!


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