A lot of women still have children when they are young and in their twenties. They grew up wanting marriage and family and see no reason to wait. Either they wait until after they graduate from college or decide college and career can wait until their children are older. However, older women have children too. Having children at an older age has pros and cons. The pros are:
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When someone is in their 40s, that person is more likely than not to be in a stable, marriage relationship. The partners share the work-load of the relationship. A stable relationship is a key to raising stable, emotionally-healthy children.


By the time women are in their 40s, they have completed their education. They have a level of knowledge either from a school situation or from life to give them a perspective on parenting not available to younger mothers who are still growing up themselves. Younger mothers who marry before completing their college education may resent the inability to go on to school, try to multitask and take classes while raising children or postpone their college until the children are older. When women wait to have children, they don’t exhaust themselves multitasking children and classes and can enjoy each in turn.

Finances and Career

By the time women are in their 40s, they have settled into their careers. They and their partner tend to be financial stable. Considering how much it takes to raise a child from the news of pregnancy through paying for college, financial security is a bonus for any family.

However, for all the benefits of postponing childbearing until after the age of 40, there are also drawbacks:

Birth Complications

With age comes increasing complications and possible problems with getting pregnant, during pregnancy and with the birthing itself. Statistically, mothers over 40 are at higher risk of suffering a miscarriage or delivering a child with physical or mental limitations. The birth itself becomes more difficult, leading more women over 40 to have their babies delivered by Cesarean.

Getting pregnant can also present problems as older woman have a high tendency to suffer from such medical conditions as blocked fallopian tubes, endometriosis, and fibroids. Pregnancy may bring on gestational diabetes and high blood pressure.


Everyone knows children are high energy beings. They are around, under and into everything. A mother needs only to blink and find her little one heading into trouble. Younger women keep up with these busy little ones. After 40, women, even in good health, do not have the same energy level as those in their twenties. With exhaustion comes frustration. Older moms need to learn how to conserve energy while still keeping those little ones out of danger.

There are both benefits and drawbacks about becoming a mom after the age of 40.

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