Times have changed in recent years and women are opting to follow their dreams for a career and financial stability. As a result, the ladies get married later in life or just choose to start a family once their affairs are in order, many times becoming a mom after age 40.
motherhood over 40
Safety of Pregnancy after 40

If you are generally in good health, you should have no problem in planning a pregnancy after age 40. There are some risks involved in middle-aged pregnancies such as birth defects and miscarriages. This is due to chromosome abnormalities. Some women over 40 are also likely to experience a stillbirth or have a low birth-weight baby. If you are contemplating pregnancy at this stage in your life, be sure you are under a doctor’s care. Health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure can have a huge effect on your unborn child. Such conditions should be cared for prior to your commitment to pregnancy and motherhood.


If you are trying to get pregnant over age 40 without success, it has nothing to do with your age. Many older women get pregnant and have perfectly healthy babies all the time. However, some couples do have problems possibly due to infertility; they have difficulty conceiving a child. It can affect couples of any age. Even if the man or woman appears to be non-functional, the cause of infertility can be due to a simple, treatable cause. Some contributing factors may be high-stress, hormonal imbalance, poor circulation necessary for blood flow to the uterus and ovaries, illness and poor diet. Working with your doctor, infertility diagnosis and treatment is less invasive and successful for women of all ages.


Adoption both in the U.S. and abroad is an open option for couples and singles with the heart and finances to provide a needy child a loving home. Women over 40 are stable with careers and ideals favorable of raising a child. The problem is that these seasoned and well-established women are in competition with younger couples when trying to adopt a baby. Some parents, prior to placing the child up for adoption, choose prospective parents that are younger. As a result, couples or singles over 40 can wait significantly longer in order to adopt a child. An option is to find a pregnant woman on your own that is considering placing her child up for adoption. There are pros and cons to this process. The pregnant mom may change her mind at some point. However, if her decision is true, you get to go through the entire pregnancy and birthing process, the full experience that is every woman’s joy.

In this day and age, it is never too late to welcome a child into your home and your life. Whether you are single, married, with a partner of the same or opposite sex, there are needy children everywhere that are hoping and dreaming for someone like you to fill their lives. Moms over 40 can indeed be healthy and happy parents.

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