You are 30 weeks pregnant, over the age of 40 and wondering how to prepare for the intense experience of birth. Don’t worry; you have enough time to make a plan for your little one’s big arrival. You may want to learn more about the birth process in order to prepare better. If you in your teens or over the age of 40, you go through similar but different experiences.

Birth over the Age of 40The birth process is a different experience for every woman. Some women may experience it as an abdominal cramping while others as the most painful act in their entire lives. However, women who learn about birth ahead of time are more active participants in their own birth process. The best solution to learn more about all stages of birth is to take a birth class even if you are over 40 and have had a child before. Through this class you can learn all about the breathing techniques, pain management options, any new medical equipment that may be used during your delivery and make a great outcome for you and your baby.

You can also download some videos that may explain the birth process, including water birth, natural birth, birth with C-section, birth with epidural anesthesia and much more. While you are learning all about the ins and outs, you have to know that preparing for your baby to arrive is an important process that doesn’t promise that you will have the ultimate control. There are many twists that might happen and no one can predict them.

Preparing for Birth over the Age of 40

Find a Doctor for Your Baby

Midway through your pregnancy is the best time to start looking for a pediatrician. It is not too early, because you know that all doctors can’t accept your health care insurance and it gives you enough time to find the good fit for your family. You may consider asking your friends and neighbors to refer you to a doctor. Great sources to look for recommendations are your friends and neighbors. Talk to your health insurance company and find out which local doctors are covered. Add your baby to your health insurance policy and make sure how your benefits work on labor, delivery and maternity care.

Get Some Help

After birth you will need some time to rest and you will not be able to do all that house work and watch out for your baby. Grandmas will want to find their way to sneak back into you house and take care of that cute little baby, but you cannot let that happen. It is important for both parents to be in front of the baby. Grandmas can take care of the laundry, shopping, and cooking.

Women who do not have any relatives may consider hiring night help, a part-time nanny or a cleaning service in the form of a postpartum doula. Don’t worry, even if your have been through this before, different issues seem to come up with every pregnancy in a different way. Stay calm, relax and try your best to enjoy this special time in your life, even at this age.

Prepare Your Older Siblings

The new baby can rock your older children’s world much more than yours. Some parents use a baby doll to play with their children in order to help them understand what’s coming. When they see how you are diapering and feeding the new baby everything looks very familiar.

If this is not helping you may want to consider taking the sibling classes in your hospital. During these classes your child can learn why babies cry, why they sleep and all things related to babies and that will help them feel as a part of the family.

You have to show your older child that you love him/her as much you love this baby. That is why it is important when your child sees you for the first time after delivery, you have to put your baby down in the bassinet and open your arms wide to hug the big brother or sister.
When the labor starts?

Your midwife will give you guidelines on what to do and when you may go into labor. Knowing these guidelines you will know when to call your hospital and when to head for the birth center. The only thing left for you to decide is who will take you there. Take a tour round the hospital, learn where to park and where to enter and give a birth. This will help you be more orientated when the time comes.

Pack your Bag

Few weeks before the due date you can start packing your bag. Make a packing list for the birth center or if you are having a C-section, make a more specific C-section list. One week before the due date you may use this list and buy everything you need just to make sure your baby is not going to decide and come out sooner.
Stock up on the essentials

The new family member will need a new installed car seat, wipes, diapers, clothing, feeding bottle, nursing bra, pads and a safe place to sleep. Do not get preoccupied to buy every baby product that exist or think you may need. Let some time to pass and talk to other moms on what you need or not. Share some experience before you buy something you don’t need. Prepare the clothes and the feeding bottles before your baby arrives.

Talk to Other Moms

Buy some books about labor, videos, baby book and most importantly talk to other moms and share some experiences. You can learn much more from other moms about what you need, what you don’t need and what you need to do when your baby is born. Even though being over 40 you are experienced in life, it certainly doesn’t hurt to hear from references and experiences on what you are about to go through. Relax and enjoy this very special time in your life.

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