Dr Oz: Having Babies After 40

Miraculous achievements have been made in science that allows women to conceive far beyond their latter years. On today’s Dr Oz Show, he asked, when are you too old to have a baby? For years, women have been told to take their time and build their careers, but was this good advice? Can women really have it all?

Studies show that 1 in 5 women postpone pregnancy until after the age 35, and this number is increasing.

Some medical professionals (and women in general) argue that basic biology may prohibit you from successfully conceiving as we get older. Studies also indicated that there are increased health risks to the mother and child when you get pregnant at an older age. Does this mean you really can’t have it all?

Dr Oz: Fertility Drugs vs. Natural Conception

Dr. Jennifer Lahl joined Dr Oz to warn women about delaying pregnancy, stating it’s a reality that “it’s more difficult for women to become pregnant as we age.” Maternal age has an impact on a growing unborn baby. She argued that if a woman is over 40, she’s probably not having her own child and is using eggs from another (younger) woman. Dr. Lahl also argued that there was a risk in using fertility drugs because many of those drugs are new. Doctors were learning as they go. More evidence is showing that there is an increased risk of cancer and a risk to the unborn child when we take fertility drugs. Dr. Lahl suggested having your children earlier. She’s 53 and felt that an apology was owed to women for telling them it’s okay to have a baby later in life.

Dr. John Jain agreed that the opportunity to have a baby declines as you got older, however, thanks to modern medicine, the opportunity to have a child is still an option for the older woman. In fact, while most of his patients are in their early forties, the oldest women he treated with an egg donation was 56. The women he has treated using their own eggs was over 40.

Dr Oz: Fertility Survey Results

The Dr Oz Show took a survey to find out how women felt about having children later in life and here are the results:


How old is too old to have a baby?

13% said 35 was too old
28% said 40
34% said 45
21% said 50
4% said never was too old

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