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In Charlie’s Diary she recounts those magical first days when she finally gains access to the best club in the world ‘Parenthood’… Her diary is a humorous and honest account of her attempts to be that ever elusive ‘Yummy Mummy’ she keeps reading about. But with boobs that are so sore getting fully dressed isn’t really an option and no free time to visit a hairdressers she finds that ‘Scummy Mummy’ might be a more accurate description of herself!…

Join Charlie in her adventures in ‘Baby land’ as she learns that with perseverance, love and support from her husband and those around her, she has what it takes to be the scrumiest yummmiest mummy in town!
The True Diary of Baby’s First Year includes
Tips for regaining your figure, taking care of yourself and your baby.

A weekly guide to your baby’s development.
Fun things to do with your baby to help with the bonding process.
Recommended products you will utilise again and again.
Ideas for keeping your own baby journal, photo book and time tin.

Once you are finished reading the The True Diary of a Mum-to-be: A Pregnancy Companion, move onto The True Diary of Baby’s First Year: A Mothering Companion, which is at a discounted price for Today Only (July 13 2012)!
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Charlie has only done two things in her life that she considers truly grown up. The first was to get married and the second was to start a family. It wasn’t long before she realised how little she knew about pregnancy and birth…

Charlie’s diary is an honest and funny account of her pregnancy, recounting tales of a vicious squirrel attack, a burst birth ball and numerous D.I.Y. disasters along the way.

Join Charlie as she prepares herself for the life-changing and magical experience of becoming a mum. Follow her as she travels down the sometimes bumpy road that leads to an amazing place she likes to call ‘Baby Land’…

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The True Diary of a Mum-to-Be

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