How do Moms Feel About Back to School? A New Survey From Plum District Reveals What Moms Really Think

SAN FRANCISCO, July 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Back to school is a busy time for families, especially Moms. Kids may be the ones heading back to books and homework, but according to Plum District, Moms go through a big transition at this time as well.

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Plum District recently surveyed its members* to uncover how Moms feel and what they really want during back to school season and made some surprising discoveries. Among other things, the survey revealed that back to school is more emotionally tolling for Mom than the kids; she is the saddest family member when school starts and she feels some stress as she finds herself juggling even more activities and duties.

Among the findings:

Many Moms are Excited: 39 percent of Moms feel excited, yet another 26 percent feel relieved

Moms are More Sad than Kids: 40 percent of Moms say they are the MOST sad family member, followed by the kids at 33 percent… and the dog at 21 percent

Moms’ Top Worries: The top reason Mom is worried about her kids going back to school is surprisingly not bullying (that’s #2) — it’s whether or not her kids have a good teacher

Moms are Likely to Cry: 54 percent of Moms say they are likely to cry on the first day of school

Moms Plan to Write a Special Note: 57 percent will likely tuck a hidden note into their kids’ bags

Mom’s top requests in this busy time:

House Help: Nearly half of Moms would like a housekeeper to help with all housework, 19 percent would like a chef, while just over 8 percent said they’d need a masseuse to help relieve stress

Family Time: The best part of Mom’s day during back to school is dinner, with over 37 percent responding they enjoy when the entire family is together

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