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Reality check: pregnancy over 40 is difficult. Other sources may bombard you with consoling statements telling how easy it is for women over 40 to conceive a child, but this is not the case. However, you shouldn’t lose heart as “difficult” isn’t tantamount to “impossible.” At these modern times where science has become so advanced and more people discover effective natural ways to get pregnant, you still have a chance of having the child whom you wish to continue your family’s legacy.
Motherhood over 40 Tips
What Makes Pregnancy Over 40 Difficult?

There are various health conditions that make getting pregnant for women over 40 difficult. Even if she does conceive, there are risks that will arise from here and there that are mostly age-related. Aside from the problems that may be experienced during the pregnancy itself, difficulties may also occur while delivering the child. Below is a list of the common complications associated with menopausal pregnancies.

Miscarriage. Women who have waited until they are at this age may have already suffered from miscarriages. Sustaining a pregnancy normally becomes more difficult after a miscarriage. Moreover, problems also arise due to hormonal imbalances and weak egg cells.

Placenta Previa. Women getting pregnant over 40 years of age are faced with the risk of this condition wherein the placenta covers a part of the cervix more than it is supposed to. This may cause bleeding and untimely contractions during gestation and delivery.

Weak Ovum. The ovum’s strength to fertilize decrease as the woman reaches the age of 40. This makes for increased chances of infertility, thus, the woman finds it difficult to conceive.

Premature Baby. It is common for women over 40 to give birth prematurely. This is factored by different reasons aside from the mother’s age itself.

Genetic Disorders. The chances of genetic and congenital disorders are heightened as the maternal age advances. This is due to the ovum’s prolonged exposure to drugs and infections, among other factors. This affects the child’s chromosome, leading to defects such as Down syndrome.

Health Disorders. During the age bracket when a woman is nearing menopause, she may already suffer from different health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, hormonal disorders and other common age-related problems. This further complicates conceiving and getting pregnant over 40.

How to Get Pregnant at 40 the Natural Way

Indeed, getting pregnant at 40 can be really difficult. There are a lot of couples who would find themselves frustrated by the idea of trying to conceive at such an age. However, it is not impossible. There are safe, natural ways to get pregnant at 40 that you can try to apply and do.

Natural ways to get pregnant at 40

Basically, for a woman to increase the likelihood of getting pregnant even at the age of 40 and up, she needs to shift her gears towards a healthy lifestyle. This lifestyle change should address and provide solutions to the factors stated above that make pregnancy at 40 difficult.

First, you must opt for healthy food – as much as possible, organic ones. You should also drink an adequate amount of water as well as natural fruit and vegetable juices. You should eat foods and add food ingredients that are rich in nutrients and vitamins to your daily diet. You may ask for the assistance of a nutritionist to learn what foods you should eat more and which ones should you reduce or eliminate in order to become healthier. You may also take vitamin supplements, as long as it is recommended by your physician.

You must quit any vices that you may have. Smoking cigarettes, tobacco and marijuana, using abusive drugs and drinking too much alcohol are definitely not recommended for everyone, especially for those trying to conceive.

You should also try to get more attuned to your menstrual or reproductive cycle. It is true that as a woman age, her cycle may dramatically change. It would be best to ask your OB-Gynecologist regarding the natural ways to get pregnant and how you can possibly become fertile.

Couples may have different reasons to be pregnant at the age of 40 and above, but all of these reasons boil down to their yearning of having their own child – their own blood and flesh. Knowing the risks and problems that you are faced with and finding ways to solve those difficulties is the ultimate way to conceive – and even get pregnant at 50.

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