Jacqueline Wilson|February 27, 2012|

Scotland has seen a rise in moms over 40 giving birth to both twins and triplets nearly double over the recent year.

According to the United Kingdom’s Deadline News, Dr Daghni Rajasingam reasoned, “Women are having their children at an older age, and older woman have an increased need for assistant techniques, such as IVF, which leads to an increased number of woman having multiple pregnancies.”

The rise is not just happening in the UK.

A CDC study reports that twins for over 40 moms in the United States was 71% for every 1,000 births in 2009, versus only a little over 22% in 1980.

“We found that about one-third of the increase over three decades was attributed to older maternal age and two-thirds likely the result of fertility-enhancing therapies — both drugs and technologies like in-vitro fertilization,” a CDC statistician reported to USA Today.

Although there are increased risks for older moms giving birth, Ros Altman of Saga, an over 50s group, told Deadline News, “This is tremendous news. Women are increasingly proving that chronological age is not a barrier to many things, and what greater proof can there be than the rising numbers of over-40s having children?”

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