Most of us have known someone who is a Mom To Be. And we may plan to buy them something either before the baby comes or afterward. There are a lot of great gift ideas for moms to be. However, we get busy, forget, or just can’t decide on what to get the person and it happens that at the last minute we are scrambling trying to figure out what would be a good gift. If we find ourselves searching for something at the last minute that can be frustrating but it doesn’t have to be. These following 5 Easy Last Minute Gift Ideas for Moms To Be.

5 Gift Ideas for Moms to Be

Beauty treatment

Many moms to be may be feeling so sluggish that they just don’t have time to relax and enjoy being pampered. Plus, once the baby comes they really want have time for themselves for a long time. Giving them the gift of a spa treatment, getting their hair done, a pedicure or manicure, or even a nice foot massage would be a great gift for the mom to be who probably needs the special treatment and will definitely enjoy it.


Becoming a new mom, money is always a great gift. Even though many people say giving cash is a cop-out, most people would be very happy if you gave them cash. Money is always something people can use. Plus, it allows them to buy what they want instead of you wasting precious time trying to figure out what the person likes only for them to frown on it on the inside or take it back and exchange it later. You can never go wrong with money. I’ve never seen anyone say, I wish you gave me a better gift.

Gift cards

Gift cards are always a great last minute gift. If you don’t want to give money, give a gift card. It’s pretty much the same thing just takes more time buying the card. You can buy gift cards almost anywhere now and you can buy either specific gift cards for certain stores or you can buy Visa or MasterCard gift card that can be used just like a Bank Card almost anywhere. The downside to a gift card as opposed to cash is that some gift cards come with expiration dates or can only be spent on certain items or at certain locations. Before you buy the gift card make sure you read the fine print.

Wet the Appetite

Food is always a great gift. A pregnant mother’s appetite usually skyrockets because they are eating for two. As long as you know the kind of food the person likes, you can’t go wrong making or buying food for someone as a gift. But just don’t hand the food over to them on a plate or napkin. Place the food in a specially designed box. For treats, you can put them in a decorative jar. The food will look great and give the new mom a snack to enjoy while she is tending to the new baby.

Gift baskets

Gift baskets are a great idea and are pretty inexpensive. Since she’s a mom to be, a great gift basket idea would either be one for the baby that includes a lot of items for the baby or it could be a gift basket for the mother or both. A Great idea for a Gift Basket Just for Mom is the Mommy’s Sippy Cup ™ and a Mom at Last ™ Wine Bottle Bag nestled in a cute basket next to the Mom at Last Memoir. Make the arrangement attractive and situated in a way that it stands out.

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